A budding idea


Whether you’re coming to this page by way of personal invitation, Facebook link, or a spontaneous Google search, thank you so much for your interest. The BalikBayani Blog is a work in progress–still growing from an idea seedling. It is a place where we hope Filipino balikbayans (BalikBayanis, as we like to call them) can freely share their stories and read those of others.

Our definition of a ‘BalikBayani’ does not discriminate. This blog is not just for Filipinos who once left the Philippines and returned, it also for Filipinos elsewhere in the world who continue to find ways to stay connected to our home country.

The ultimate purpose of this blog is to collect stories and share them. Eventually, we hope that this becomes a place where anyone can go when they want to remember why it is important, possible and worth it to return to the Philippines.

Thank you for reading!


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